Completed Projects

Completed Civil Engineering Projects

You can hardly imagine the kind of work and energy that goes into planning a civil engineering project. The professional staff here at Andrew Lonnie Sikes Inc. has a great deal of experience working in large and small-scale community projects. We know what it takes to make sure that practical and innovative concepts get off the ground.

Make sure to look at our completed civil engineering project page to learn more about what our company has accomplished in the past. From rail transportation to planned communities, our services have been indispensable for a number of organizations.

In Harris County, we worked to develop a rail yard for an industrial company that needed a place to effectively receive shipments of raw materials. To lay down two miles of rail, we paid attention to many environmental concerns, such as drainage design and flood plain management, to reduce the negative impact of this new rail yard.

Even underground pipe installation still requires a good deal of aboveground surveying to ensure that the work is being done correctly. For a 2.5-mile stretch of natural gas pipeline, Andrew Lonnie Sikes Inc. has provided years of engineering planning, construction documentation and other services. We’ve worked with ten different agencies, both governmental and private, to pursue this work, giving us some unique experience in handling bureaucracy.

In nearby Fort Bend County, our services were called upon to help in the design of an 11,500-acre master planned community. Not only did our professional staff put an incredibly wide scope of talents to work in perfectly planning every detail, but the work was also finished on schedule.

The incredibly diverse array of projects that exist in the realm of civil engineering greatly intrigues us here at Andrew Lonnie Sikes Inc. We serve the project planning needs of businesses and organizations all over Houston, TX, and the surrounding region.