Land Surveying

Diligence in Land Surveys

When you pay a professional to provide a service, you expect to receive some diligent work on behalf of that professional as a return on that investment. Here at Andrew Lonnie Sikes Inc., we want our customers to know that we’re devoted to performing the best job possible every time we’re contracted for fieldwork.

This diligence often proves itself a valuable part of our service. Often when surveyors with only the bare minimum of preparation. errors in land surveys can happen. Professional dedication to thorough preparation and preplanning of a survey will always minimize issues in a land survey. Failure to have all of the information possible before going to the field will lead to errors and omission or at the minimum it will lead to ‘rework’.

This article published by The American Surveyor, for example, talks about the incredible importance of honesty and diligence on behalf of the professional surveyor, and how that work ethic can even trump experience sometimes. The author, a successful land surveyor in his own right licensed to work in 13 states, argues that it is important for a surveyor to never stop questioning how he or she could have performed the job better, or whether there might still be important information to collect.

A big reason why diligence can help a professional complete better land surveys is because many issues in surveys pop up when it’s determined that an important aspect of the land was omitted from the survey. Even with the use of modern technology, it is still possible for an experienced surveyor to make a blunder.

Here at Andrew Lonnie Sikes Inc., we’re aware that clear communication with our clients is the best way to ensure that we complete a job to the highest degree of a customer’s satisfaction. We’ll discuss your project goals in detail as well as the land survey methods we’ll use in order to bring you the best results possible for effective land planning and regulatory compliance. We serve land survey and civil engineering projects all over the region surrounding Houston, TX.