Hydrographic Surveying Houston Texas

Hydrographic Surveying Services

Hydrographic or bathymetric surveying is a highly specialized area of surveying. Mr. Sikes, PE, RPLS began his career in NOAA performing bathymetric surveys from Puerto Rico to Connecticut. Today, ALS, Inc. provides these services on inland waters where they are critical in engineering projects from determining the volumes of ponds to determining pay volumes in dredging projects.

To conduct hydrographic surveying services, ALS, Inc. maintains a fleet of boats modified to meet the technical needs of this work. Hydrographic surveying from these vessels has been used to supplement traditional topographic or design surveying on projects such as:

  • Updating the flowlines and topography of Buffalo Bayou
  • Determining the floodplain and boundary of 100 miles of the Brazos River
  • Mapping 30 miles of Brays Bayou through the Medical Center in support of widening designs undertaken as a result of long term flooding which was highlighted by Tropical Storm Allison