Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering for the Good of the People

Civil Engineer, Staff Sgt. Cody Foreman, from the 509th in the Armed Forces, was presented with an award recently for his achievements and assistance to others. The award was provided by the USO, an organization that has put many people in the Armed Forces first, and it was given because of the work Foreman put into teaching people civil engineering and a number of training exercises in the field. It brings to mind that much of what a professional civil engineer achieves is about focusing on, and assisting the community and the people.

It also helps when the job is well worth the time and enjoyable too. Foreman, like many civil engineers, enjoy their job. He mentions that "as long as you do feel satisfied and happy with your job, you’ll do well in it", as he has shown. It certainly seems Civil Engineering is one of those jobs that people enjoy because it is assisting the community. It is a service to make sure structures or places on which they are being built are absolutely sound, including the spreading of entire cities and towers.

It also happens to be one of those jobs that doesn’t receive much recognition for the safety it provides to the community. Firefighters and police officers are often provided with awards for their services, but Civil Engineering has long been something that is behind the scenes. So, seeing someone like an Armed Forces Civil Engineer receive such an honor, shows that people do care about what services we provide. It makes the job even more satisfying in the end.