What Is Aerial Photography?

One of the services we offer at Sikes Surveying is aerial mapping. This service allows our customers a wealth of benefits from safety to combating insurance fraud. Here are a few of the benefits customers who choose this service are guaranteed to receive.

First and foremost is the safety of property owners and people working on the site. Ladders were the cause of 544 fatalities in 2012. There is always a danger associated with using ladders. Aerial data techniques do not completely eliminate the need for on-site inspections. They do, however, seriously diminish the amount of times a ladder is necessary on-site. Measuring dimensions of a steep roof using aerial photography data is just one of the ways that aerial mapping can keep yourself and employees off ladders and out of harm's way.

Collecting aerial data as soon as a loss occurs at a site is often easily integrated with adjuster's claims-estimating system. This means that claims will go through faster and with more accuracy than if you had not collected exterior aerial data.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) has estimated that they have a 10% fraud rate for property/casualty claims. Collecting aerial data prior to any structural damage caused by severe weather or suspicious claims makes spotting these frauds easier.

Aerial data compiled prior to major catastrophes also allows claims inspectors to start their work prior to entering potentially dangerous sites. Again, this contributes to both the safety of everyone involved and a more efficient claims process.

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