private property survey

Private Property Survey

Private property surveys are often ordered after a legal issue arises or in the appraisal process of buying or selling a house. But surveying your property before the need arises can have some major benefits, along with some surprising outcomes. Here are the top reasons to get your property surveyed before the county or a neighbor requests it.

The first and perhaps most obvious reason to get your property surveyed is to be absolutely certain of the boundary lines of your property. Many homeowners operate under the assumption that because that fence has "always" been there, that's where their property ends and their neighbor's land begins. This is, more often than not, not the case at all. You may have much more room for a new tree, adjoining garage, or driveway than you thought.

Knowing your rights and the rights of your neighbors is an important part of maintaining a positive community spirit. There are two issues that can be avoided by getting your property surveyed before things get messy. The first is rights-of-way and easements battles. If your property blocks access to a road or another property from a neighbor's land, there may be a provision in the title that allows the neighbor to use your property in one way or another. The other issue is any joint property that requires maintenance like joint driveways, overhangs, or projections.

Finally, know your zoning classification before any violations can be reported. Many property owners accidentally break zoning codes by adding on an extra room or starting a small business on residential land.

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