The Importance of Civil Engineering Services in a Growing City

Houston is a major American city that will not stop slowing down. Explosive growth in population and real estate has been experienced over the last decade and has led to exciting times for business in this area. Andrew Lonnie Sikes Inc. has seen a great spike in the amount of activities that require the planning and land management information provided by survey professionals.

As more people come to call Houston home, the real estate landscape is likely to go through even more change in the coming years. This article published by The Houston Chronicle discusses how Houston has been one of the fastest growing cities in America in terms of population. This trend will bring more people, ideas and money into our city, creating the perfect conditions for change.

In the decade between 2000 and 2010, the population of the city of Houston increased at a rate of 26.1 percent. This pace was much quicker than the rise seen in other American cities seeing a fair amount of development during those ten years, including Dallas and San Antonio. By 2012, the entire Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area, the census area including Houston, Sugar Land and Baytown, was home to 6.2 million residents.

Over the next few decades, there should be a fairly continuous increase to the number of people living in this region every single year. Projections of population increase between the years of 2012 and 2040 show a consistent upward tick of 1.8 percent annually. By 2040, a total of 10 million people will be making their livings in and around Houston.

No matter what kind of property and construction projects may follow with the increasing population, Andrew Lonnie Sikes Inc. will be standing by, ready to offer a wide range of land survey, hydrographic survey and other civil engineering services. We are here to serve the construction project needs of all Houston businesses and property owners. Contact us today by calling 713-981-7132.