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Consider the Societal Impact of Civil Engineering

It has been said that civil engineering has done more for the health and welfare of society than all of the doctors. Civil engineering, as a field of study, is a major impact on the creation of safe water, effective sewerage treatment, safe highways, efficient storm water management and socially satisfying urban environments. Our society is growing all the time. Both cities and rural areas must support denser populations than ever before. Finding ways of encouraging people to work and live together in peace and in harmony with their environment will enable better and safer communities to develop.

Recently, students from the California Polytechnic State University, or Cal Poly as it’s more commonly known, contributed their ideas for a local housing project to a design fair at the university’s Advanced Technology Lab. A short video found with this article published by shows some of the student’s ideas for the Johnson Avenue Housing Project. Civil Engineering programs across the nation are sponsoring similar programs with the goal of graduating leaders of tomorrow.

As some of the students interviewed for the above news segment discuss, this kind of project gives them an opportunity to flex their minds in creating real world benefits. Twenty teams of students, each of them numbering about five or six, worked for a period of about six months to develop plans for the urban housing project.

Civil engineers contribute to many more planning projects than those simply focused on the residential environment. From individual homes to large retail establishments, government buildings, public parks, streets, highways and many other important community features rely on the skills of engineers and surveyors. Surveyors and civil engineers contribute to the creation of the most effective and attractive use of space possible. As the video linked above shows, students and faculty were also joined by industry leaders and members of the public, showing the large interest in better ways of building societies among almost everyone.

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