Land Surveying Services

Land Survey Company in Houston, TXLand surveying is a vital service required in the ownership and transfer of land title. We approach this area of surveying with the deliberate application of the science of measurement and the art of land boundary principles.

Mr. Sikes, PE, RPLS is considered an expert on legal matters associated with land title locations. He was one of the major contributors in the development of the boundary construction rules adopted by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying. He has provided expert witness and consultation on boundary location issues in Texas Courts. As a reflection of this expertise and his interest in the area, ALS, Inc. offers surveys to update decades-old drawings and to address boundary disputes.

Field surveying documents the current condition of facilities in industrial plants. It provides the basis for remodeling, continuing operations, long range planning or satisfying regulatory requirements. ALS, Inc. has served many industrial plants with field survey services such as the Dow Chemical Company (20 years) Eythle Chemical Company, and Nisseki Chemical.

Land survey services include but are not limited to the following:

  • land title survey
  • standard land survey
  • route survey
  • location survey
  • construction survey
  • right-of-way surveys
  • topographic survey
  • investigative survey.

Other Services