Ortho Imaging Projects

orthoMD Anderson Cancer Research Center required a topographic survey of their primate enclosure. The 480–acre aerial survey was conducted for upcoming renovations. ALS, Inc. was contracted to provide contour mapping and ortho image creation.

The aerial photography was geo-referenced with 2 foot contours superimposed on the ortho image. These images plus related CAD files were delivered to the client. This image is an example of the type of deliverable that ALS, Inc. provides to clients on a regular basis. Routine use of ortho images as a background for topographic surveys was pioneered in Houston, Texas by ALS, Inc. in the early 90’s. Today, many survey firms call upon us to provide these images for their projects.

This project is also a good example of ALS, Inc.’s approach to an environmentally and biologically sensitive project sites. Using the remote sensing capabilities of aerial mapping minimized biological exposure and possible contamination of personnel and equipment.