Land Surveying Projects

landsurvey1The Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) contracted ALS, Inc. to survey 2,000 ft. of Rummel Creek as it passes through the Edith L. Moore Sanctuary owned by the Audubon Society in the Memorial area of Houston. ALS, Inc. provided aerial mapping, however due to the natural canopy of the area much of the survey had to be supplemented by surface surveying techniques. The aerial mapping portion of this project was interwoven with traditional topographic survey data to produce the required survey results while minimizing the surveyors’ intrusion on the sanctuary. The project was complex because the foliage prevented line-of-sight and the Audubon Society had environmentally stringent regulations pertaining to preserving the natural state of the sanctuary. Instead of cutting line, the personnel of ALS, Inc. obtained line of site by “tying back” foliage so they could see through the woods. Positive relations were maintained with the Audubon Society throughout this project while obtaining the data required by HCFCD.

landsurvey2In 1915 an easement was granted to City of Houston as part of the development of the Heights Addition to build an 84 inch storm sewer with the stipulation that the actual location would be determined after construction and the easement fixed by survey. The storm sewer is 25 feet deep and drains a large portion of Houston’s largest historical residential community, The Heights, running south parallel to Yale and outfalls into the White Oak Bayou. The as-built survey was never completed during the original installation. In 2006 ALS, Inc. was retained to conduct the as-built survey by a developer seeking to conduct a neighborhood revitalization project. In order to complete the revitalization project the 90 year old survey requirement had to be fulfilled.

Access to the tunnel required hoisting survey personnel and equipment up and down an access way. ALS, Inc. professionals are trained in environmentally sensitive safety procedures. While this project was complex and required additional safety considerations, survey personnel maintained the highest safety standards. As a result of the work of ALS, Inc. professionals, the tunnel location is now in the public record and the developer has proceeded with the neighborhood revitalization project.

landsurvey3ALS, Inc. has assisted Houston Baptist University since 1979, completing various projects including: topographic surveys to update campus maps and platting services and on properties across the State that have been donated to the University. The University’s main campus is located in the university triangle defined by a major freeway and two significant boulevards. For the project, the university and the hospital that share the campus required various surveys of the entire triangle that comprises the joint campus.

The university has begun an effort to rebuild the entire campus and contracted ALS, Inc. to provide topographic and boundary surveys associated with the project. The project site included surface parking facilities and a private drive, which connects two public streets. This project required considerable coordination between various architects, consultants, construction advisors and school officials. ALS, Inc. is proud to be a part of this on going long term project, which adds to the educational and cultural resources of our surrounding community.