Global Information Systems Projects

gis1ALS, Inc. has provided clients with GIS services for more than a decade. The firm has also contributed to many municipal GIS databases such as the City of Houston GIMS system. As early as 1975 Mr. Sikes worked with a team defining the information technology which is the basis of the City of Houston’s GIMS. Like all GIS databases, the information is stored in layers, such as street names, manhole cover locations, floodplain data and the location of underground utilities. The company has provided the photographic layer and several features in other layers. ALS, Inc. is proud to have contributed to this dynamic and growing database.

gis2ALS, Inc. maintains a geographical information system (GIS) database on ALS, Inc. surveys. Access to this information in digital format provides us with the ability to speed our projects from the research phase through to completion. Each time ALS, Inc. professionals complete a project, the data is captured in this database.